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Marcie loved the mall on Monday afternoons. Hardly anyone else was shopping at the beginning of the week and the air conditioned stores were a wonderful refuge from the nearly hundred Young girl dressing room temperatures.

Besides, the young men and women in the clothing stores, dressed their best and desperate to make sales, were a sexual buffet for a middle-aged woman who lived alone. The entrance of a women's clothing store beckoned, one of the newer places where the high school girls liked to shop. Marci strolled in and immediately caught sight of a tall, heavy-chested blonde with a bored expression leaning over the cash register.

The rest of the store appeared deserted and Marci decided to have some fun. To her delight, a low table Young girl dressing room across from the cash register was loaded with Young girl dressing room items. Better yet, more merchandise was stacked on the floor under the table.

Marcie walked over and picked through the contents of the table for a moment, then, back to the cash register, she bent at the waist to examine the extra things on the floor.

Marcie smiled to herself, knowing that her 40 year old body looked exactly as it had at 25 and would be sure to attract at least a glance from the salesgirl. As always on her shopping trips, Marcie wore very short shorts with nothing underneath. Hoping the girl had noticed her bare ass and smooth Free adult gifs and animation, Marcie stood back up and turned to the counter.

The blonde was staring at her, no longer looking bored, fidgeting nervously with her hands on Young girl dressing room counter. She was tall, at least eight or nine inches taller than Marcie, and couldn't possibly be over twenty years old. Large block letters on her nametag read, JUNE. She licked her upper lip unconsciously. She was delighted by the blonde's consternation. Marcie entered the changing room, which was just a small cubicle with a bench, a mirror on each wall, and a shutter-like door.

June took a step toward the little room as Marcie entered, calling, "Just yell if you need help or anything. Her blouse was rolled up slightly and tied across her stomach. Standing with her back to the door, Marcie spread her feet apart wide and leaned forward Young girl dressing room she was propped against the wall by her forearms. June dropped to her knees without a word and found the socks on the small bench.

Hesitating a bit, she reached out and grasped Marcie's right ankle Ver vnxxx yenifer lopes gratis both hands, then began caressing the soft skin from the top of the older woman's foot to the bottom of her knee.

Marcie purred loudly, encouraging the girl to become a little bolder. Her hands wandered up above the knee until they were massaging Marcie's upper thigh, the backs of her hands just barely grazing the lips of Marcie's shaved pussy. June didn't answer. She was enraptured by the firm ass swaying before her face. Eyes closing, she bent forward slightly to lick at the inside of Marcie's thighs while running her palms over the cheeks of her ass. She squatted down slightly, bending her knees out to give the tall blonde easier access to Young girl dressing room now dripping pussy.

June's tongue soon flickered out over the swollen lips, parting them slightly as she licked back and forth on the older woman's slit. Marcie groaned and pressed backward with her hips, shoving her crotch and ass against the girl's face insistently. June responded by reaching around Marcie's thighs with both arms, pulling the older woman back against her mouth.

She Young girl dressing room her tongue deep into the slick channel, straining her mouth to lick as hard as she could. One hand snaked its way forward to Buck angel porn star Marcie's hard clit. A small series of shocks jolted through the woman's small body as the blonde's fingers pinched lightly at the sensitive flesh.

Hand on the back of June's head, Marcie pressed the blonde's face even harder into her crotch. The girl was eating her out in a frenzy, lapping and nibbling at the slick lips and pausing every once in a while to suck Marcie's clit into her mouth. When the blonde slid one thumb and her tongue into Marcie's opening simultaneously, the older woman felt the first waves of her orgasm hitting her.

She felt Marcie's inner muscles clench over her tongue briefly and the blonde began licking and sucking greedily as Marcie came, smearing orgasmic juices all over the lower half of Young girl dressing room face.

When it was finally over, Marcie turned and bent over, kissing the younger girl and sliding her tongue into her mouth in a sultry manner.

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