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You have seen her in many Indian bollywood movies. So guys you can see that how the actress having a huge fan following so we are here sharing some hot fakes photos. We can sure that these fake photos of this Bollywood actress will definitely going your cock rock hard for sure.

She came to lime light after winning Miss World pageant of She wanted to be an architect and hence enrolled at Raheja College of Arts but to pursue her modeling career she gave up her architect career. You can follow her on Instagram for more hot photos of her. Watch how the actress removed all her clothes and then she showing her big boobs. But wait after that she spreading her pussy lips with her hands.

So you guys how you want to lick her big boobs or you are going to lick her pussy. Sexy milf actress here riding on the cock and taking the dick in her pussy hole. You can see that how she is riding on the cock and enjoying the hot chudai with her secret boyfriend.

As you can see that her big boobs are got topless. So we can say that her boyfriend is now doing a quick fuck with her for sure. Once the break up happened Aishwarya rai got depressed and even her filmy life also got an terrible hit. All the directors and top hero of bollywood rejected to act wit her. Even her offers of sleeping wit the director and Aishwarya rai fully naked to get an role in movies failed. So aishwarya had no one or no were to go. So she decided to turn her attention to hollywood movies and get some meaty roles in Aishwarya rai fully naked. So she moved to los angeles and appointed an agent to get her some movie roles.

So now Aishwarya rai fully naked was time our ash to take an bold decision in order to earn some roles and run her lively hood. So ash decided tat in order to get meaty roles in hollywood she had to show some of her body meat and make others taste them to make her earn her one. And more over all english guys like to have sex wit indian womans as they taste good. Now only i come into action. So i told her agent i tat i would be very happy to meet her and asked him to tell ash tat she could visit my place at around 8.

But i forgot all about it and started to do my works in order to finish my script work and the time ran past and it was already half past eight and at tat the door bell rang.

As all my servent were on vacation i had to open the door on my own. To my pleasent suprise it was none other than our darling aishwarya who was totally drenched in rain. Seeing her in tat position i was stunned and so was my partner. He formed an bulge in my shorts. I was very ashamed or shy to act like this tat too in front of an woman and felt bad of wearing an shorts. While ash was looking stunning in her beautiful stunning red saree which was verrry transparant and wit matching Aishwarya rai fully naked and petticoat.

Due to the pain her saree was glued to her body and her 34d breasts and Aishwarya rai fully naked stomach was on full view and her long thighs were all mans wish i was just starring her wit lust and she just gave an erotic smile and came inside and sat in my enormous sofa.

Seeing her in tat position was all man wish and through my various directors friends in india i came to know about her beauty and her way to approach directors so i was thrilled. Ash after sitting started to look all around the house and started to look at me and started to talk me about herself and her acting experience during tat time only my first chance appeared.

Aishwarya started to shiver even though the air conditioner was on Aishwarya rai fully naked low. So she asked me were the changed room was and i gave her the location and she started to move and it was the first time i got chance to see her well shaped ass and seeing it my heart missed an beat and she disappeared. Now my partner Free hardcore porn gallery become rock solid and wanted to more glimpse of her and next glimpse of her was the best view of our life.

Aishwarya came out wit just wearing an silk shirt and not wearing anything in the bottom. Hmmm so tasty it was. Now Aishwarya rai fully naked landed from stair and sat in front of me giving me an full view of her milky thighs and pussy.

After listening to my story she said tat she liked the story and told me tat i could take an photo shoot of Sexy dresses for big woman if want as she was leaving for new york for some purpose and will back after three Aishwarya rai fully naked. I licked my lower lip and graciously accepted her invitation and tat bitch carried on her acting and smiled in a way tat any man can fall for her.

After accepting to her Aishwarya rai fully naked of an Aishwarya rai fully naked shoot she started to enquire me and force to me start soon. So wit any delay i too accepted Aishwarya rai fully naked both myself and my partner wanted more of her. So asked whether she would change to any clothes? But to my pleasent surprise she rejected my offer and said tat she was comfortable wit tat piece of cloth and said me tat first series of photo can be taken in swimming pool hearing i got awestruck but felt very happy also.

The next second she dived into the water and started to Aishwarya rai fully naked me posses. But to due to presence of water the silk shirt started to shrink and glued to her body and wow all her shapes were on view and as told earlier her milky thighs and pussy made my partner loose control and i started to take close up shorts of her body mainly her NIPPLES, PUSSY. After taking photos i called her to come up, as soon as she came her took the camera from my hand and started to see photos before i could do anything and viewed all photos including those close up shots and gave me a look i first felt shy to look but then saw her it was actually an naughty look.

I got cooled off. Next i told her tat in the movie if u selected means there r lots of bed scenes and mostly nude and semi nude and so i asked her whether she would be acceptable to it and give me pose. I was waiting for an answer. I too accepted to it and took her to my basement where was an bedroom which has an king size bed. And asked her to take off cloths and to my surprise she took tat piece of shirt immediately and fell on the bed and gave me various poses wit some sexy actions and for me i got the look of the most precious body of the world those nipples and lips were attracting me to her and those navel man it was awesome.

So soon i removed my short and shirt and jumped like an tiger in the bed as though deer was lying there for an fest. Already aish was fully Aishwarya rai fully naked so i pounced on her and kissed all over her body from her head to toe. Aishwarya rai fully naked soon i was out of control and started to kiss her juicy lips as though sucking them off.

And waiting for her action and soon she started to Aishwarya rai fully naked her mouth and our tongues started to investigate each others mouth and our saliva got transfered. While kissing on her lips my hand started to work on her boobs. I started to massage them and finger them and soon enough those became erect and now i stopped kissing her lips and put my attentions to her my lovely well shaped and maintained boobs.

I kissed and licked all over her breasts and kissed her nipples and aerolas and sucked those beautiful nipples after sucking them five mins milk started to flow out of her breasts and i drank it with out losing any drops.

Now i came more lower to her navel Aishwarya rai fully naked stomach but still i was putting concentration on her breasts. I licked whole her flat stomach she had maintained them no extra flesh in it and then started to kiss her lovely navels. Aishwarya rai fully naked she was really out of control and started to give sound in sexy tones. And so started me to go to her pussy. So soon went to her pussy which was on fire.

I soon started lick her pussy and her love juices started to flow out. So Aishwarya rai fully naked took my two fingers and inserted them into her pussy wow wat an feeling and soon she got an orgasm. Now she order me to remove my boxers and i like a slave removed them and took my 9 inches partner. Aishwarya was happy to see them and Aishwarya rai fully naked me immediately to insert them.

And i also inserted them and very slowly started my momentums but soon ash started to build her pace and so did i.

We were on a mighty pace and soon i came to know tat i was about to cum and she knew it. And asked to remove it and put it to her mouth and have me an mouth fuck. Wow she was expert and soon i ejaculated all my sperm in her mouth and around. But to my surprise she drank them all and kept my partner in mouth and wiped it clean. And next i wanted to fuck her ass.

We took rest in bed for an hour or two and we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves and cleaned her body filled wit my cum and in the shower also she gave me an mouth job. After she wore back her dress and came near me and gave me a long mouth kiss and asked me whether she was in movie or not even though knowing the answer. So i nodded my head. And before going she promised me Aishwarya rai fully naked give me an chance to ass fuck during shooting.

As for the time being the ass has commits wit james an another famous director who likes to fuck virgin ass. But thats another story. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Hot Actress Aishwarya Rai Naked Photos Watch how the actress removed all her clothes and then she showing her big boobs. Read her the hot Sex stories of her.

It all happened right after the break up of her wit the hot macho guy of bollywood salman khan. Even her offers of sleeping wit the director and heroes to get an role in movies failed So aishwarya had no one or no were to go. And more over all english guys like to have sex wit indian womans as they taste good Now only i come into action.

I licked my lower lip and graciously accepted her invitation and tat bitch carried on her acting and smiled in a way tat any man can Aishwarya rai fully naked for her After accepting to her offer of an photo shoot she started to enquire me and force to Aishwarya rai fully naked start soon.

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