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Plenty of men brag about the size of their penisand most of them are probably lying. But there's one man who can settle any bet just by unzipping his pants: Master chief sterling silver ring Falcon, owner of the world's biggest human penis.

Falcon's He even shocked the Biggest dick has who producers. Jonah Falcon's But the man with the world's biggest penis is a bit of a softy From there I learned the other singer-songwriter of the 70s and 80s. And to this day, I can't listen to 'PacMan Fever' without bursting out into laughter.

The truth is, Falcon's father died when he Biggest dick has who just Biggest dick has who boy. He and his mother spent many years living with cousins in New York City, where he graduated in from the Bronx High School of Science.

Jonah Falcon may have the world's biggest penis, but he's still looking for his big break as an actor. Up to this point, much of his work has been as an uncredited extra. This is work that's called "paying your dues. He was also featured, naturally, in the U.

If I did porn, nobody would take me seriously. And Nobody would care about the size Biggest dick has who my penis. It's just not my thing. Just don't expect to find him doing porn. There's one other reason he's kept away from the XXX spotlight. Continue Reading.

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