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But I think it's pretty safe to say that's total bullshit. Celebrities are sex freaks. Hollywood, despite its sweet-sounding name, is definitely Celebrities who love sex a town for sweet creatures.

No doe-eyed virgin is going to last a minute in show business, despite Celebrities who love sex their publicists might tell you. The flesh on their skin might be flawless, their foreheads might be blissfully botoxed and their teeth might be sparkly, sparkly white, but no amount of juice cleanses can cleanse away their sexual prowess.

And thank god for that, kittens! Because stars need a little sexual energy. The ever-talented, stunningly beautiful and gorgeously refined Kate Beckinsale enjoys doodling dicks in her spare time. Like any fetish, it's a force far greater than her. Recently, she even accidentally doodled Celebrities who love sex dick on her poor sixth grade Nice black porn online homework.

You know, I used to get in trouble for inappropriate drawings all the time. If only I had blamed my darling mum. Martha Stewart is a modern woman, a mogul and she's been to fucking prison, people.

Sexting is as normal as tying her shoelaces at this stage in the game. Plus, she lives in Celebrities who love sex, Connecticut. I mean, why do you think she's always hiding behind those prim little recipes and pretty flower gardens? She's burying some dirty secrets in those flower gardens, babes.

Jake Gyllenhaal has never done the horizontal with Anne Hathaway in real life, but he's banged her so many times onscreen, he thinks she has excellent "rhythm. He said"I Celebrities who love sex getting in bed with Anne Hathaway to any man. I guess my own theatre degree wasn't a total waste. I might not be doing theatre that much anymore, but I'm a great lover!

Thanks for paying a gazillion dollars for acting school, Mom and Dad! Klum told Marie Claire. Kristen Stewart says she has an armpit licking fetish, known in the medical world, as "maschalagnia. Because we all know girls taste better than boysright? And now we know it's probably because he's amazing in bed.

The actress confessed. You know what they say: Dom in the streets, submissive in the sheets. Baby-faced Pete Wentz says he likes to make out with dudes. Hey, statistically, it's not that uncommon for straight boys to hookup Celebrities who love sex other straight boys.

Sexuality is fluid, guys. Scar Jo apparently likes to have sex in cars. Come on, people, we ALL have truck sex fantasies, or limo fantasies or just basic car fantasies, just like our girl Scar Jo. Hey girl, power dynamics are hot!

Angelina Jolie is my personal icon. Celebrities who love sex a total political hero and an Oscar-winning actress. And you know what? Girl has a past, too. And that's OK. All the greats have darkness looming in the thick of their pasts. You don't sparkle like a superstar without having had to kiss the demons, kids. Not only did Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wear vials of each other's blood around their necks, but Jolie's blood fetish also started as a teen.

Celebrities who love sex glad you're OK, Angie, but don't worry, we're not judging. We were troubled teens as well and by we, I mean me. John Mayer, the baby-faced fuckboy who likes to gossip about his famous sex partners, told Playboy about how amazing Jessica Simpson is in bed. Um, you know, I'm pretty anti-drug these days. But I wouldn't mind being deemed so good in bed that my exes are totally addicted to me like an addict is to crack.

Carmen Electra apparently likes to get locked in handcuffs and spanked with a coat hanger. I'm not surprised by this, are you? There is nothing innocent about Carmen Electra. By Zara Barrie. So, here are 12 gorgeous celebrities you might not have realized are total wild sex vixens: Kate Beckinsale: Likes To Doodle Dicks.

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