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Gets or sets the template for displaying an item in edit mode in a TemplateField object. A ITemplate -implemented object that contains the template for displaying an item Difference between rowediting rowupdating edit mode in a TemplateField.

The default is nullwhich indicates that this property is not set. The following code example demonstrates how to use the EditItemTemplate property to create a custom template for an item in edit mode in a TemplateField field column of a GridView control.

The template contains validation server controls to prevent a user from leaving a value Difference between rowediting rowupdating empty. Use the EditItemTemplate property to specify the custom content displayed for an item that is in edit mode in a TemplateField object. Define the content by creating a template that specifies how an item in edit mode is rendered. The EditItemTemplate property usually contains input controls for the user to modify a value in a data source.

The content can be as simple as plain text or more complex embedding other controls in the template, for example. To programmatically access a control defined in a template, first Difference between rowediting rowupdating which TableCell object in the data-bound control contains the control. Next, use the Controls collection of the TableCell object to access the control. You can also use the FindControl method of the TableCell object to find the control, if the control has an ID property specified.

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