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Yesterday I met an absolutely amazing woman by the name of Eva Kor. Eva is a survivor. At the age of 10, Eva and her Holocaust survivor teen girl sister Miriam were sent to Auschwitz and subjected to medical experimentation by Dr. Josef Mengele. They remained in the Nazi death camp for about 9 months before Holocaust survivor teen girl rescued from the sub-human and torturous conditions.

I was able to hear Eva speak yesterday in an interview format with a video presentation behind her on the big screen.

The pictures were difficult to watch and her story was equally gruesome. I expected that, tho. There was no bitterness about what happened to her, no hatred towards those who hurt her and no anger about the past.

She chose to forgive those who abused her and killed her family members. She did it for herself because she deserved it. Once she made the choice to forgive, a weight was lifted and her nightmares about the events ceased. Her story about surviving the camp was just as astonishing as her act of forgiveness. She told how, as the last of 4 children, her father had wished she were a boy and frequently told her it was her fault she turned out to be a girl. Eva became a very defiant and rebellious child which naturally lent Holocaust survivor teen girl to helping her defy the odds at Auschwitz.

She pointed out that the numbers tattooed into her arm are blurred because it took 4 people to hold her 10 year old body down. She determined on the first night that she would survive. For her, there were no other options. Eva became very sick but refused to die. Her story can be found in a book called Echoes from Auschwitz and details her early life, her time in the Nazi camp and a brief account of what happened shortly after the liberation.

The book takes place at Auschwitzbut the boy in the book calls it outs with its a very good book for anyone. Eva and Miriam her twin sister…along with the other mengele twins are amazing. Since I was small I have always been curious about the Holocaust.

I go to the Holocaust Museum all I can and wish I could Holocaust survivor teen girl some of these amazingly strong people that survived this horrible time in history. And I admire Eva for being able to forgive those that harmed her and her family. Gretchen, I beleave that your mom has the love in her heart of all the people that lived and died in that horrible place. Please let me hear from you. Thank you in advance for your response.

Meet Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor. Kel on July 22, at am. She really was amazing. Thanks for posting about this somehow I just knew you would. Angie on August 2, at am. Tessa on April 20, at pm. I am learning about the Holocuast in school: :-h. Annastasia Arnett on May 14, at pm. Alley on April 15, at pm. Hey, this really helped me out and made me think. Keep it up. Corinne on August 3, at pm. Ralph Elia on October 26, at am. Nita Jones on August 17, at pm.

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