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Website : PeepJV. Talking about her tattoos in her September Lynsey G interviewJuelz mentioned that. My tattoos are just Juelz ventura monique alexander form of my self-expression.

Each of my tattoos had a story or some meaning behind it. In fact several of my tattoos have been designed by me, also drawn specifically for me. The good, the bad, the ugly… Past, present, future… And hope.

Juelz ventura monique alexander watch Juelz ventura monique alexander of them. Stop dwelling on Juelz ventura monique alexander negatives people! Piercings : Navel, upper lip Monroe and left nostril. Juelz Ventura is a stunning former porn star and model who made her adult film industry debut in So where did it all begin?

Juelz first started working in the adult entertainment industry in after she received an email from a porn agency in Florida who contacted Juelz about the possibility of shooting some scenes in Miami. Juelz decided to shoot these scenes as a way of spiting her ex-husband Juelz ventura monique alexander Milwaukee Brewers baseball player. As Juelz recounted in her September Lynsey G interview.

I used to be a very vengeful person, and this is a perfect example of that. I was angry, upset, sad, etc. With all those emotions running rapid, I was desperate. Juelz Ventura Anal Adventure — Spizoo. During this September Lynsey G interview Juelz revealed that she was closeted with regards to her sexuality prior to making her porn debut. As Juelz puts it in her own words.

I joke all the time about being the queen of one-night stands, and I was! Before porn, it was very rare that I would sleep with a person more than once. A big part of that was that I was embarrassed by sex. I had a kinky attitude towards it, but there was no way I was going to let people know. I thought it was wrong.

Porn was like a release for me. All of a sudden I could be myself and be open about my sexuality. It was amazing…. When I first started in porn, it had nothing to do with my sexuality… It was more a revenge plot. When Juelz was asked about her reasons for postponing her adult film career during her September Lynsey G interviewshe recounted how. I also had a lot going on in my personal life, and it was best I took a step back, spent some time with my family, and worked on ME.

Nobody should be. If something makes you happy, go for it. Juelz was thrilled to be showcased on the cover of this internationally renowned publication and she enthusiastically stated in her Juelz ventura monique alexander Lynsey G interview that. A couple months before the April issue came out my agent, Mark Spiegler, had told me Penthouse had chosen me for one of their magazine spreads.

That alone was amazing news. Penthouse shoots so many girls, and each Juelz ventura monique alexander only a few of them make it into the magazine. One of the people from the Penthouse crew had text Lick panties i masturbated congratulating me on the cover.

I received the text while grocery shopping that night Juelz ventura monique alexander quickly called my agent to ask about it. I think I was in shock a little at first. I was proud of myself though. Hold on, it gets even better. Talking about this stage of her career during her September Lynsey G interviewJuelz highlighted how. Following the publication I was getting bookings for Penthouse feature films left and right, along with work for several Juelz ventura monique alexander companies.

In fact, Juelz started to appear in a steady stream of critically acclaimed movies. Juelz Ventura in Dr. During this time Juelz was also featured in many best-selling Jules Jordan Video releases. Marcus, Mr. Must see movies for Juelz Ventura fans! However, nothing will top the sloppy opening scene with Juelz and Brooklyn. Seeing Juelz pour a giant bowl of spit into her mouth is outstanding!

They make a good team together and the spit was fantastic in that scene. The strokability and amount of fuck for the buck earned it a rating of Highly Recommended too, every single scene providing the advertised look of the ladies but going past that as well. There was lots of anal here but the vaginal riding was more active and passionate, the multitude of tattoos displayed repeatedly for the Juelz ventura monique alexander and often discussed in furtherance of the theme here, some excellent shading and color work as well as depth only the better artists can show.

In addition to her fan-favorite Evil Juelz ventura monique alexander and Jules Jordan Video collaborations, Juelz has starred in a wealth of critically acclaimed porn parodies. This kinky comic book caper was also recommended by XCritic column writer Silken Shadow who advocated in his July film review that. It is obvious Axel Braun works hard to create a film that is both visually stunning as well as sexually fun. There is a lot to enjoy here in both terms of story and sex scenes.

It was nice to see that Axel chose to include an anal scene in the video and not just straight Juelz ventura monique alexander sex with a bit of oral thrown in. Another bit that would have been nice would be perhaps a threesome. The scene with The Blackcat and Ms Marvel ends them finding Spider-Man but seems to beg a threesome that never materialises.

Also Juelz ventura monique alexander I did find the whole plot to be very enjoyable in the end it seems incomplete. We are left with Juelz ventura monique alexander few unanswered questions. Was Spider-Man rescued from the evil black goo? Who Juelz ventura monique alexander is Onslaught? Perhaps some of these answers will be answered if there will be Avengers XXX 3.

Not to be missed! Over the years Juelz has filmed countless compelling web clips for Brazzers Network. In fact, despite retiring inJuelz remains one of their highest rated performers! Must see sex scenes for Juelz Ventura fans! Alongside her Brazzers web clips, Juelz remains one of the most popular performers ever to shoot for Naughty America.

In fact, Juelz continues to be featured within many of their best-selling DVD compilation titles. Starring in so many popular Juelz ventura monique alexander productions has earned Juelz numerous industry accolades and notable award nominations including. Juelz Ventura in Wide Open Ass! Alongside her thriving porn career, Juelz has collaborated on many mainstream projects. For instance, Juelz made a cameo appearance in the music video for the Asking Alexandria single Killing You John as well as mainstream actress Jessica Booker.

Melissa photographed over porn stars and demonstrated their natural beauty before Juelz ventura monique alexander after they had been styled for glamorous photo shoots. As Complex magazine Juelz ventura monique alexander James Harris mentioned in his feature article.

Juelz official retired from performing in Grandpa old farts young tarts in Never on to rest on her laurels, in September Juelz broke the world record for the longest continuous twerking session.

The previous record was 2 hours 1 minute which Juelz beat by twerking non-stop for 2 hours 30 minutes! Juelz Ventura in Juelz ventura monique alexander 2 — Evil Angel. Keen to stay connected with your favorite former porn star Juelz Ventura? Official Glamour mature lingerie gallery : PeepJV.

Twitter : JuelzVentura. Instagram : juelzventura. Brazzers : Juelz Ventura at Brazzers. Spizoo : Juelz Ventura at Spizoo. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Exclusive insights about your favourite female and transsexual porn stars. It was amazing… When I first started in porn, it had nothing Aishwarya rai new xxx do with my sexuality… It was more a revenge plot. Juelz ventura monique alexander Stone More Posts.

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