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Address works on car maping if you put in Hawthorne for the city not Orange city. No s in any of the booths. Theatre now has 3 rows of couches recently redone. The small couch in the "cove" is gone now - too bad. Past Description:Very nice booths, clean and Pure pleasure mega center is a large in between the booths on the immediate right.

Theatre tickets are They are very courteous so you need to be also. Crowd: all types and all ages Going to stop by today Any recommendations? I'd love to be at that party!!!!! Do the workers watch the booths closely? I was afraid to do much there with all the cameras. I don't remember as many cameras last year. This adult theatre is like almost every other adult theatre as far a couple usage.

Most will come in on Pure pleasure mega center and Saturday evening although other times will be more sporadic even during the summer months. I have been in the theatre at PP on a weekend night when no couples showed and I have been Pure pleasure mega center when as many as 6 were in Simili a play boy nude and all playing at the same time.

I agree that the layout was much more couple friendly with the couches than with the current single seat chairs. Since admission is free for couples, those there Pure pleasure mega center just curiousity will usually only stay for a couple of Pure pleasure mega center unless they Pure pleasure mega center the movie. That does NOT mean that the couple Pure pleasure mega center going to play or wants to be the center of attention. Be patient and let them comfortable and let their actions dictate the tempo of any involvement.

Just to clarify, I would love to play with a couple. I've done it many times here. But I tend not to be overly aggressive as some who also want to play with women. I'm also curious about recent goings on, especially now that they have single office type chairs. Good pointbusyb At least you know not to show on Friday and Saturday if you're looking for that specific type of action. I've gone on Pure pleasure mega center any night and had fun and I've gone and watched movies.

I do find that Friday nights and Saturday nights are busy, but I also find that most of the guys there are there to wait for a couple to come in and they hope the female is playful. The problem with this is, when there is no couple in there, they sit and do noting which makes everyone else just sit there and do nothing. I've had lots of fun on Sunday afternoons because the group is generally not the kind that just want to sit and wait and hope for a couple to come in.

Is there ever a "good time" to go to the theater? I'd like to go and get a nice bj if anyone is offering. Tell me when Are there ever any ladies? I have a lady friend who would like to play with another woman. Thinking of going Friday night. I stopped bi yesterday March 12th and had a good time in the theater and the viewing booths. If anyone else went yesterday and had fun too, send me a email maybe we had fun together. Will be visiting the area on Monday December 29th and Tuesday the 30th.

Whats a good time to go there? I went today. I've had fun on Sunday's before and I had a little fun today. Not very much today but managed to get Pure pleasure mega center very well in the theater but other than that.

Not much. Hardly any people there today at all. Just of interest to some, the guy that works on Sunday during the day with the red bright hair may be bi. He likes movies with she-males. He mentioned that he is hung he said a female friend told him that he is humg better soft than her boyfriend was hard, Pure pleasure mega center that his friends call him frankencock.

I'd go there in a second but I haven't been asked. Checked it out while in G'ville. First visit and hung out here for about an hour hoping some younger guys would come in. There were about 10 people inside but all were at least late 50's, 60's and 70's. Will definitely not be back.

Kekkid Tommy, yes this place is couple friendly. Most come on Friday and Saturday nights, but some during the day. I would love to know when you two try things out. Just drop me a line and lets meet. Great place to play. Theater now has very uncomfortable "office" type stack chairs. I miss the old benches!! With discretion, this place is a great place to play. New theater type seats are ordered and should be set up in about a week.

Nothing much there this afternoon. I heard from a pretty reliable source that the benches in the theater are gone. They have been replaced by those horrible plastic lawn chairs again. Please tell me my source is wrong. I won't come back until they have regular seating again. I can't deal with those lawn chairs. As one who was in the theater on Thursday afternoon I can assure you, albeit sadly, that indeed they have lawnchairs It was my first time in the theater and it wasn't all that great.

Beach, Think your best route would be down to Palatka and then 20 over to Hawthorne and then north on to FL Theatre will be on your left at the light, so you will have to make U-turn to get into parking lot or might could turn left on FL 26 and then into the lot; but usually there are cars backed up there waiting to cross the road.

Was in Friday afternoon. Great time. Lots of people having fun. Later, the night guy came in and kind of Pure pleasure mega center people out with an attitude. Pure pleasure mega center got very empty.

Things wet from very hot to very cold real quick. I agree with you lovemuscles. Staff has always been nice, when I have been there. Pay your money and enjoy. There are not many places like this around anymore. The theater is always safe. I've never seen any staff come in there an mess with people. I've seen the booth area full of vagrant cruisers without putting money in the machines.

No wonder they don't like that. They're in Business. Not a free cruising spot. Keep the booths video machines running and you'll find they don't come back there as often. The staff here aren't very friendly anymore. They come back into the arcade area with flashlights. And they yell at guys. It's not very fun anymore. It used to be great, but since the doors Pure pleasure mega center off a few years ago it's been going downhill every since. I wouldn't recommend this place anymore.

If you want to take a chance it's a great place. I Pure pleasure mega center said old men shouldn't be allowed at the bookstore, but do you have to be so damn creepy? You follow young guys around and make us feel uncomfortable.

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